As a general rule of thumb, motoring experts recommend that a thorough Car Cleaning in Wrexham is carried out every two weeks. Many of our customers like their cars to be washed weekly, with some opting for a more frequent clean. Cleaning your vehicle multiple times during the month is perfectly normal, a quick clean a couple of times a week, as long as it is done methodically, can help to prevent damage to your metal and paintwork.

Valeting your car regularly protects it from the buildup of road dirt, animal droppings, rain water, and mud. Dirty paintwork can lead to corrosion and rust, both of which can cause irreversible damage to your car. A frequent and methodical clean of your vehicle is essential to reduce any risk of superficial rust. Washing your vehicle will also maintain the protective coating on the paint.

Regular maintenance can seem like a difficult task, but the long-term benefits of clean and protected paintwork include lower repair costs and a greatly increased resale value.